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Sermonis AI is your full-cycle AI development partner, from conception to production, and beyond. We’re not just machine learning specialists; we’re the internal special operations team that helps you develop cutting-edge AI solutions that optimize processes and accelerate the growth of your company. Led by founder Ebenge Usip, we guide you through the entire process and mold your ideas into concrete technology products. With our expertize across a variety of industries, we make sure that the partnership results in an innovative product that ensures the competitiveness of your company.
Ebenge Usip
Ebenge Usip
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Founder and CEO at Sermonis AI
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Prompt Engineering
Prompt engineering is the process of creating contextualized commands (prompts) that enable a Large Language Models (LLM) model to learn, adapt and execute tasks in real-time

At the intersection of machine learning engineering and computational linguistics, prompt engineering is best done by someone with a very deep understanding of the conceptual foundations of LLMs. Aside from the GPT4, we specialize in the use of open source models such as LLama 2 and Falcon.
LangChain Development
LangChain is an open-source platform designed to streamline the development, deployment, and management of large language models (LLMs) across various cloud environments, allowing data scientists and engineers to easily orchestrate and optimize LLM workflows.

While this library is bleeding edge software, we have been working with LangChain since it's advent and believe in its potential to be the leading tool for LLM-based application development.
Model Finetuning
Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning (PEFT) is a collection of methods that enable efficient adaptation of pre-trained language models (PLMs) to various downstream applications without fine-tuning all the model's parameters.

We have implemented these methods for customers and can attest to their ability to allow for fine-tuning of foundation models using consumer-grade GPUs.
Model Deployment
Once a model has been fine-tuned its deployment is the next issue to be addressed. Small models can be deployed on the edge to single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson.

In order to deploy models to the edge, we assist clients in converting models into inference-friendly CPU-compatible formats such as ONNX and GGML. Once this is complete these edge devices can become API endpoints via FastAPI allowing your company to leverage AI capabilities in the field.
If you have any ideas to develop, please contact us. We're interested in hearing about your project and offering our help.
"It was great to hear more about AI use cases from Ebenge. He was great to make information easy to understand for new learners of AI."
Person gave feedback about Sermonis
Marcell H.
Product Leader I Founder
"I had a really extremely interesting and fascinating exchange with Ebenge. He is a very knowledgeable person with great insight into technical and non-technical aspects related to developing generative AI apps. I admire his multidisciplinary background which results in very interesting observations about the nature of AI."
Feedback about Sermonis
Mateusz D.
Senior Researcher - University of Zurich
"Felt like a long-lost partner joined the team to help at the right moment."
Feedback about Sermonis
Samuel M.
Founder - AI CoPilot for SDRs
Sermonis Background imageFAQ
What is the process of engaging with Sermonis AI?
Engagements begin with a consultation call where the business case is clearly defined. This allows our team to begin understanding exactly the kind of artificial intelligence that would be appropriate for tackling the issue at hand. In 7-10 days we provide the client a written plan of action for proceeding with the deployment of a proof-of-concept project as well as an itemized budget estimate.
What kind of solutions does Sermonis AI develop?
We have developed a variety of AI solutions for our clients. Solutions have included delivery of document classification models as well as models for chatbot assistants. In addition, we regularly provide business consultation services to CEOs and founders seeking to gain a better understanding of the rapidly evolving AI landscape.
Prompt Engineering is a task we frequently assist clients with as we are often asked to help them create assistants based on OpenAI's GPT3.5/GPT4. This includes assistants for helping students write scholarship essays, helping sales teams to customize marketing material, and assisting market researchers in conducting interviews.
For clients that seek a complete go-to-market solution we provide LangChain development services. This has involved the development of full-fledged commercial products on behalf of startups.
Who is Ebenge Usip?
The founder and CEO of Sermonis AI, Ebenge Usip is an industry veteran with over 15 years of professional experience in a number of industries ranging from supply chain logistics to digital marketing to private equity. He has STEM degrees in a number of fields, and most recently completed a graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence at Sorbonne University in Paris, France.
For any additional questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.
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